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Articles by Kate:

Constitutional Concerns with RI H 7425 (Adam Walsh Act Bill), submitted to the Rhode Island House Finance Committee on June 16, 2014

New Scarlet Letter: Are We Taking The Sex Offender Label Too Far? in the Rhode Island Bar Journal, Vol. 60, Issue 3 (Nov./Dec. 2011)

Pot or Not: State or Federal Government Regulation and (De)Criminalization of Marijuana? in the Rhode Island Bar Journal, Vol. 62, Issue 2 (Sep./Oct. 2013)

Articles and press releases mentioning or quoting Kate

Ascendance of American Hammer Throwing by Harold Connolly, as posted on

A Tale of Two…States! How Drastically Different Appellate Practice is Between MA and RI by Elizabeth Tice of Office Solutions Plus LLC (Dated: 6/20/2014)

ACLU Files Lawsuit Over Residency Restriction for Sex Offenders by the RI ACLU (Dated: 7/16/2012)

Cities and Towns with the Most Registered Sex Offenders in RI by Kate Nagle, contributor to GoLocalProv (Dated: 11/19/2013)

Defendants Agree Not to Enforce Sex Offender Residency Law Against ACLU Plaintiffs by the ACLU (Dated: 7/20/2012)

Don’t ‘Discount’ Civil Rights by Annie Laurie Gaylor, Co-President of FFRF (Dated: 7/19/2012)

Dream Big Profile: Katie Johnston by the Big Ten Conference (Dated: 4/20/2004)

Ex-Boy Scout Leader from Northbridge Gets 18 Years in Child Porn Case by Craig S. Semon of the Telegram (Dated: 9/10/2013)

FFRF Florist Complaint Gets Green Light by the FFRF (Dated: October 2012)

Former Whitinsville Teacher Sentenced to 18 Years by Mike Gleason of the Milford Daily News (Dated: 9/10/2013)

Girls Top Ten Marks Since 1988 (as of 6/25/2017)

Human-Trafficker Gets 10 Years by Katie Mulvaney of the Providence Journal (Dated: 11/15/2014)

Judge Upholds Sex Offender Residency Law; ACLU to Appeal by the ACLU (Dated: 11/30/2012)

Mass. Lawyer Gets 18 Years on Enticement Charge by the Associated Press, as posted on The Denver Post (Dated: 9/10/2013)

NEW: Agreement Reached to Keep 3 Sex Offenders Near Schools–For Now by GoLocalProv News Team of GoLocalProv (Dated: 7/20/2012)

RI ACLU Fights Lw on Sex Offenders Near Schools by Michelle R. Smith, AP Writer, as posted on (Dated: 7/16/2012)

RI City Won’t Force Sex Offenders to Quickly Evict by Michelle R. Smith of (Dated: 7/20/2012)

RI Court Upholds 300-Feet Rule for Sex Offenders by Kristin Gourlay of RI NPR

RIIL Hall-of-Fame Class Announced by Bill Koch of the Providence Journal (Dated: 8/1/2017)

T&F Stars of Tomorrow to Compete at Junior Nationals This Weekend in Richmond, Va. by (Dated: 6/13/2001)

Vet’s Johnston Just Lo[v]es to Throw by Matthew Frank of the Cranston Herald (Dated: 5/17/2001)

Where Are These Sex Offenders? by Jennifer Myers of the Lowell Sun (Dated: 8/8/2011)

Videos featuring Kate:

2012 Legislative Preview (Dated: 1/30/2012)

ACLU Mounts Legal Challenge to Law Banning Sex Offenders from Living Near School (Dated: 7/16/2012)

GoLocalProv TV, July 20, 2012 (Dated: 7/20/2012)

Know Your Rights with the Police (Dated: 9/9/2013)

RI House Judiciary Committee 6/14/11 – Adam Walsh Act Bill – 2011 H 5129 (Dated: 6/14/2011)

Your Rights and the Police: Arrests (Dated: 3/30/2013)

Your Rights and the Police: Can the Police Come Into My Home? (Dated: 3/30/2013)

Your Rights and the Police: Car Searches (Dated: 3/30/2013)

Your Rights and the Police: Car Stops (Dated: 3/30/2013)

Your Rights and the Police: Police Questioning (Dated: 3/30/2013)