Book Review: Her Name Was Margaret, by Denise Davy

Genre: Biographies of persons with disabilities; Women’s biographies Synopsis: Her Name Was Margaret tracks the difficult life and devolvement of Margaret Louise Jacobson, a once religiously devoted and musically talented young girl who suffered a psychotic break as a teenager. Following her commitment to a psychiatric hospital and a diagnosis of schizophrenia, Ms. Jacobson spent […]

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A Thankful Easter Sunday

I realize it’s Easter and not Thanksgiving, but today is a major holiday in the U.S., and the first major holiday we’ve all been forced to spend while practicing self-quarantining and social distancing. It also makes for Day 15 of my COVID-19-positive journey, which is why I’ve spent my morning reflecting on where I’m at […]

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By: Katherine Itacy, Esq. Dated: April 25, 2019   Wow. Things have been busy for the last few months! Yvens and I have been slowly moving into our beautiful new home: During which time I’ve encountered some….unwelcome guests: (That’s what I found at the bottom of the fridge as I was cleaning. Absolutely disgusting.) I’ve […]

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