Check Out Our Bonus Episode on Chronic Pain!

Hear Me Roar - Podcast with Kate Itacy

Welcome back to all those who patronized “Hammer Time with Nikki and Kate,” and welcome to all of our new “Hear Me Roar” listeners!

After PT this morning, Kate decided to record a bonus episode of the new podcast, focusing on the issue of chronic pain.

This mini-episode focuses on how those with chronic pain have to make a conscious, daily effort to not only cope with their pain, but to not allow their struggles to affect their relationships with others in their life.

Kate spoke with a fellow chronic pain patient while at physical therapy, and afterwards, remembered how much she’d been looking forward to finding a chronic support group to attend in Rhode Island.

Unfortunately, Kate’s search for such a group earlier this year yielded zero results, so it got her thinking–should she create one herself? Would others benefit from sharing their personal struggles either dealing with chronic…

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