New podcast episode and pre-orders for my memoir now available!

Hello, my friends,

I hope you’ll take a second and check out episode two of my new podcast, The Phunky Diabetic Podcast, and listen to my captivating conversation with Dr. Victor M. Montori of the Mayo Clinic and the Patient Revolution.

Dr Montori Zoom screenshot

I was first inspired when I came across Dr. Montori’s book, Why We Revolt: A Patient Revolution for Careful and Kind Care. That inspiration continued once I checked out the Patient Revolution initiative, and furthered still after my conversation with Dr. Montori this week.

To learn more about Dr. Montori and this week’s episode of The Phunky Diabetic Podcast, please click here.

Also, my memoir, Relentless: From National Champion to Physically Disabled Activist, is now available to pre-order!!!!! Make sure to secure your copy before the book is officially released on July 28. You can pre-order here.


Please stay safe and healthy, be well, and thank you for your support!



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